Music from Cindy's Majic Socks. Produced by Jon Nuss and Chris Ng

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So we had some bad luck on a session and didn’t end up on the escarpment like planed. So Nuss took his friends from team LBL out to burn some thane at our top secret location.

Jake + James + Jensen + Jon + Jonathan = 5 burnt J’s

Jon Norman being the newest member of the S.I. team!

Film: Eric Jensen/ Jon Nuss
Edit: Jon Nuss

Music: The eternal feedback - aka Jonathan Nuss

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This is a big one for us!!!   ENJOY!!!   

Published on 11 Apr 2012 by LoadedAmbassadors

Sock Face Outtakes…

For the Comic version check out…

Canadian ambassador and Skate Invader Cindy Zhou is saved from a day of tiresome math by a note from the Skate Gods and a magical pair of socks. Some killer dancing and freeriding ensues with a final meet-up with some friends and a twist to top things off.

Loaded Bhangra Flex 2
Paris Trucks
Orange Nipples
80a Orangatang 4Prez/83a Orangatang Baluts

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Here’s is the blooper real for the intro to Cindy Zhou’s new film.
Cindy’s magic socks will be dropping in the next couple weeks.

Nuss and Cindy thought it would really easy to have a pair a sock fall
from the sky with a note attached. They were wrong.. more then once.

If the blooper are this good? Just wait till you see Cindy shred,

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This April 27 2012 Boarder 4 Breast Cancer fund raiser is back!!
37 Parliment street at 9pm!!! tickets are 25 dollors each.

For more info:

Skate: Cindy Zhou
Film/edit: Jonathan Nuss/ Cindy Zhou
Music: John Park aka Parallel Park

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